Wharfe Valley Farms

Wharfe Valley FarmsWith vast acres of land, rich with nutritious soils, the Kilby family combine this with their farming knowledge and Sallyann’s passion for cooking to create Wharfe Valley Farms, specialist culinary rapeseed oil production business.

Established in 2006, the business has grown extremely popular, supplying farm shops, deli’s, independent shop and major restaurants across the UK as well as allowing people to just call in and purchase a bottle from the premises.

Sallyann loves to walk people round the bottling equipment and explain the health benefits of their locally produced oils. Visit the main Wharfe Valley Farms website here to find out more

Wharfe Valley Stoves

Wharfe Valley StovesBeing traditional farmers the Kilby family had used wood burning stoves in their home for many years.

Their ambition and experience of stoves and their ideal premises to set up shop, lead to the birth of Wharfe Valley Stoves.

Wharfe Valley Stoves was established in 2009 and combined with their friendly local reputation, has gone from strength to strength.

They have an onsite barn converted into a lovely showroom with all types of stoves on display, allowing customers to call in and view the performance and have a chat with Stephen or one of his team about the most suitable stove for them before deciding whether to invest. Visit the main Wharfe Valley Stoves website for more information

Yorkshires Original Rapeseed Oil

Yorkshires Original Rapeseed OilIn 2008 the Kilby family launched YORS that supplies all major supermarket chains such as ASDA, Tescto, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose etc across the UK with their Rapeseed Oill and other products such as Salad Dressings.

YORS has a different branding to the other Wharfe Valley Rapeseed Oil to appeal to the wider industries  The Kilby’s wanted a punchier, stronger image to give the product the selling power it has proven so successful with. Visit the Yorkshires Original Website here to find out more

Glass Hearths

Glass HearthsAs a branch of Wharfe Valley Stoves, Stephen launched Glass Hearths with the vision of delivering a solution to fill the gap in the market for the demand of contemporary hearths for stoves.

GlassHearths.co.uk has grown from strength to strength supplying both traders and private customers. Manufacturing glass hearths in premium quality glass, offering the products all any bespoke shape / dimension and a large selection of colours.

Visit the Glass Hearths website to browse the products and for more detail

Glo Eco Briquettes

Glo Eco BriquettesGlo Eco Briquettes was established in 2010 to maximise the potential of the bi product from the oil extraction process of the Wharfe Valley rapeseed, providing a carbon neutral fuel for stoves and open fires.

This is an ideal synergy for the Kilby family in combination with their on-site Rapeseed Oil production system of the Wharfe Valley and Yors Rapeseed Oil brands.

Glo Eco Briquettes are available to purchase from the farm and showroom. Visit the main Go Eco Briguettes website to find out more

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